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September 11, 2019
The back to school season has returned, which also means your busy schedule is coming back. How can our local storage in Ellijay GA help you prepare for this upcoming school year? By providing you extra space, all your seasonal gear will be safely secured until next season. Also, we have tips for your house […]
August 7, 2019
Although the population of Ellijay GA may be under 2,000 residents, this city is one gorgeous place to visit. With multiple major parks and mountains to hike, beautiful views are wide spread throughout this community. We at Ellijay Storage are extremely ecstatic to continue to be able to call our Ellijay GA community home. During […]
July 15, 2019
Have you ever been curious how some extra space could go a long way for you? Ellijay Storage has 10 reasons how our Ellijay GA affordable storage opportunities can aid you no matter your situation. Having the knowledge of when storage is most beneficial to you can really go a long way. Especially for the […]
June 21, 2019
Preparing for your moving day? You already bought all your moving supplies and packing is underway, but who is going to be the ones helping you on moving day? Yes, friends and family are obviously great help, but now is the time to see if professionals are the right choice. Ellijay Storage has the must […]
Moving Checklist For Long Distance Moves
May 24, 2019
Make moving easy with Ellijay Storage! Summer moves, especially long distance moves, can be overwhelming. With the right tips, tools, and space, you can move like a pro. This month Ellijay Storage is preparing for big moves out of state with a cross country checklist.How can storing in Ellijay GA help while moving? Storage in […]
Summer Storage Tips For Students
April 17, 2019
Moving out of the dorm room, mean packing all your gear up, but where do you store it? Summer break is coming fast and Ellijay Storage can help you prepare with our Ellijay GA summer storage. Our storage units are both large and small, so you can choose to store with a friend or store […]
Used Items For Sale? Tips For Selling Online
March 21, 2019
If you have gear you want to sell online, how can storage help? Ellijay Storage has a storage unit to help you store used items for sale. With our extra space you can enjoy an organized home while making a little extra income.Ellijay Storage offers drive up self storage and temperature controlled storage so you […]
Benefits of Self Storage: Small Home Storage Tips
February 7, 2019
Storage for the house too small for your seasonal gear? Ellijay Storage has storage space to make it easy for storing your belongings. From extra furniture to a specific hobby, a storage unit may be just what you need. This month we are focused on small home storage tips! Check out how our Ellijay GA […]
Podcasts For Jumpstarting Your New Year
January 1, 2019
How can our self storage help you jumpstart your new year? Find extra space for your seasonal items and vehicles, RVs, and boats at Ellijay Storage. Our Ellijay GA storage units are secure and ready to help you get organized for the new year. Along with our storage space and these podcasts you have all […]
Ellijay GA Holiday Season Preparations
November 2, 2018
Ellijay GA holiday season is upon us and here at Ellijay Storage we have all the extra storage space you need. From moving supplies for all your fragile items, to local donation drives impacting our community, we are ready for the busiest time of year. Ellijay Storage has drive up self storage units and vehicle […]