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Ellijay GA is in a great location in northern Georgia for professionals working in Atlanta or over the state line in Chattanooga TN. If you are moving to the neighborhood get to know the places the locals eat and the events we look forward to all year long. Start exploring the Apple Capital of Georgia with us! Ellijay Storage is a local business with friends in the community to help with your move. We offer multiple storage facilities in Ellijay GA with options for drive-up storage rentals and outdoor parking spaces. Talk with our team today or rent online now! Living in & Enjoying Ellijay GA Known as the Apple Capital of Georgia, Ellijay celebrates every October with a festival. Our community near the Chattahoochee National Forest in Gilmer County has many exciting events. Downtown Ellijay is vibrant and exciting. Enjoy shopping at local boutiques, filling up on southern cooking, and staying out all night. The Shack of Elijay, the Hitching Post, and Cantaberry Restaurant are just some of the local restaurants to try. Looking for Ellijay entertainment? George Link, Jr. Gilmer Arts Playhouse and River Street Tavern both offer a dinner and a show! Self Storage in Ellijay GA Ellijay Storage has storage units throughout Ellijay ready to help you settle into the neighborhood. Our outdoor parking is great for storing the boat or RV. Our office is located on Orchard Road, but we also have 4 other storage facilities nearby. Find self-storage in East Ellijay, or on Corbin Hill Road, Yukon Road, and South Main Street. ...

April 2nd, 2020

5 Genius Organization Hacks for Garage


Are you looking for creative ways to organize your garage and be ready for the spring weather? Ellijay Storage has found five genius organization hacks for your garage which will make your spring cleaning less stressful. Make the most of your storage space with these five brilliant hacks. Garage Organization Ideas Start with Cleaning, arranging, and labeling all of your personal belongings. Grab some garbage bags and divide items between what needs to be saved, donated or thrown away. Once the area has been cleared up, make a plan for your garage organization ideas. Maximizing wall space is crucial to the organization of your garage. It's going to help you save precious floor space. Pegboards are designed to be strong enough to support most household tools and offer a way to store them vertically. It is nice to have the rakes and shovels anchored on the wall and off-track to store long garden equipment in the garage. Install PVC pipes to your shed wall and put all your garden long-handled tools in those pipes. If you have an attached garage and no mudroom inside, create one on the wall next to the main entryway. A mudroom is a perfect place to hang all your jackets and muddy shoes and will keep your house neat. The foundation of every organized garage is a good storage system. It involves some type of shelving unit. You can install cabinets that are already built or purchase old school lockers for cheap from eBay. Assign each cabinet or locker to each family member. Storing in Elijay GA Talk to our experts at Elijay Storage about more organization and storing hacks for your garage. If you need extra space for storage, we have five locations in Elijay, GA to better serve your storage needs. In addition, we have a variety of temperature-controlled units ranging from 5x5 to 10x20. So, that you can conveniently store anything from yard tool to big furniture. Call Us or Rent Online Today! ...

February 26th, 2020

How To Reclaim Your Space For The New Year

Holiday Storage Tips

Are you looking to find new places after the holiday season for your belongings? Reclaiming your space can be difficult if you do not have the proper storage. This is where Ellijay Storage can be of great assistance. The act of reclaiming your space can be extremely simple and that is why we are providing you with holiday storage tips. Ellijay Storage also has various storage selections that will be able to help you reclaim your space after the holiday season. It is time to take down all of your indoor and outdoor decorations and get back to enjoying your clean space once again. Begin the new year with our holiday storage tips! Holiday Storage Hacks Shrinkwrap your artificial trees for protection while storing during the winter, spring, and summer months. Place your wreaths on coat hangers. Magazine racks are perfect for organizing holiday gift bags. Wrap strands of holiday lights around pieces of cardboard to eliminate tangling. Egg cartons hold small-round ornaments. Ellijay Storage in Ellijay GA Here at Ellijay Storage, our features that are provided are to help our tenants. Check out some of our features below! Drive-up storage units. Moving and storage supplies sold on-site. Secure-gated facility. Convenient online bill pay. Four other locations to help serve the Ellijay GA customers better. Our main facility and office are located at 1325 Orchard Road, Ellijay, GA 30540. We are proudly serving the Ellijay GA community with our main location and four annexes. Stop on by our main office or reserve your self storage unit online today, and start reclaiming your space with storage! ...

January 6th, 2020

Storage Auction To Benefit Our Community

Storage Auction Ellijay Ga

Partnering with Charity Storage allows us at Ellijay Storage to be able to really help out our community. Now you may be asking yourself, "how will a storage auction in Ellijay GA benefit our community?" With the contribution of your donations and assistance, multiple causes will receive support. The American Heart Association, a student leaving for college, and a cure for cancer all benefit from our storage auction. Charity Storage Initially, this organization was established in 2012 with the goal to connect the self storage industry and the community. Assisting countless communities located all throughout the United States. Check out how Charity Storage operates in addition to seeing how you can help! How This Process Works 1. Deliver your unwanted items to our Ellijay GA storage facility. 2. After your items have been dropped off, they will be placed into a designated storage unit where they are kept completely secure. 3. When the storage unit reaches its max capacity, we will list the storage unit for an online auction. 4. Once the storage auction is complete, all of the earnings raised are split between three causes. 60% of the proceeds go to the American Heart Association, 20% to Kure It Cancer Research, and 10% to the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship Program. Storing with Ellijay Storage or not, it does not matter because anyone can contribute to this wonderful cause! Contact us, which allows you and a manager to schedule a time for a drop off of unwanted items for our storage auction in Ellijay GA. Local Storage Helps Community Our Ellijay GA storage units are perfect for those living within the city or even those living outside of the city boundaries. Additionally, we have four annex locations you can store at and all are located in Ellijay GA as well! All of our storage units are drive-up accessible allowing you to have access right from your vehicle to the door of your unit. In addition to our convenient storage options, we have excellent customer service because ...

November 1st, 2019

What Self Storage Supplies Do You Need?

Moving Tips

What self storage supplies should you have on your shopping list? From boxes to how much tape will you need, can all be answered with the help of Ellijay Storage. Moving your items to the storage unit you want them to be protected and be able to find them when you want to unpack. We have moving tips to help when moving starts to stress you out. Our storage in Ellijay GA is convenient and secure, but did you know you can also find the storage supplies you need when moving to a unit? 5 Must-Have Storage Tools 1. Moisture Control - Fluctuating temperatures outside can cause moisture to appear inside; be prepared with a moisture absorbent. 2. Covers - Dust can happen in your storage unit, prevent any dirt from growing on your belongings with dust covers and furniture covers. 3. Gloves - Protect your hands and make it easy to grip box after box. 4. Packing Tape - Grab one roll or the value pack, just make sure you have enough to assemble boxes. 5. Boxes - We offer traditional moving boxes in different sizes as well as specialty boxes like wardrobe and picture boxes. Convenience, Top of The Line, & Charity All reasons to purchase self storage supplies from Ellijay Storage. During the month of October, we are working with the Susan G Komen foundation to further the research to find a cure for breast cancer. For every box or tape roll or moving supply you purchase from us, we will donate a part of the sale to this organization. U-Haul, a moving expert, has a calculator to determine how much supplies you should purchase. Their calculator makes it easy to stay within your budget and have enough tools to get the job done. Once you have a few boxes packed a storage unit could be helpful to keep your house organized and your belongings out of the way while you pack the rest of the house. Our size guide ...

October 8th, 2019


Self Storage

The back to school season has returned, which also means your busy schedule is coming back. How can our local storage in Ellijay GA help you prepare for this upcoming school year? By providing you extra space, all your seasonal gear will be safely secured until next season. Also, we have tips for your house that will help get you and your children ready for the school year. Take a look at some of the ways our local self storage units help with the back to school season! HELPFUL ORGANIZATION AROUND YOUR HOME Arranging the family’s schedule and planning meals is all part of the back to school routine. Use these tips to help get organized quick! Create a homework center. It can be the kitchen table or in an office space, as long as your child has a quiet place to be able to concentrate on their school work. Take inventory of your kid’s clothes. Go through their closets and drawers and get rid of any articles of clothing that no longer fit them. You can then make a list of what they need and go shopping so you are not rushing around last minute trying to find clothes. Download a family calendar app (Cozi Family Organizer) so you can see everyone’s schedule, which is color-coded for you. Also, you are able to share reminders and there is even an editable shopping list feature. Plan your dinners ahead of time. You can save time and money by prepping and planning meals in advance. This eliminates ordering take out if you are prepared. Have a school supply stash. If your child has a project and you run out of a material they need and it is the evening when stores are closed, then you will have all the items you need. Also buying in bulk can save you cash! Discover many more helpful tips for arranging your home here! HOW TO STORE OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT When its time to put the peddle bikes away there are just a few precautions you ...

September 11th, 2019


Self Storage

Although the population of Ellijay GA may be under 2,000 residents, this city is one gorgeous place to visit. With multiple major parks and mountains to hike, beautiful views are wide spread throughout this community. We at Ellijay Storage are extremely ecstatic to continue to be able to call our Ellijay GA community home. During the month of August we are focusing on what truly makes our neighborhood so special. With varieties of sites to observe, savory food to try, and considerate businesses, these are just some factors making up what we love about our city. DOWNTOWN ELLIJAY GA Experience fantastic restaurants, taverns, live music and shopping in our old fashioned mountain town. Being in a old-school city, many antique shops line the streets downtown. This allows you to stumble upon unique merchandise you can not just find anywhere. Lets check out where our store manager at Ellijay Storage recommends exploring. Back Porch Bistro Cornerstone Cafe Moobears Ice Cream & Hotdogs Mountain Treasures Black Bear Antiques Belle’s ACTIVITIES AND APPLES Summer time is Ellijay GA is meant for the wonderful people of this city. Everyday from the beginning of the summer, until the first week of October there is a farmers market open. With enormous amounts of fresh vegetables and homemade crafts, the market is a summer staple in this community. Not only is there the farmers market, but there is an abundance of other activities for the kids throughout the summer to partake in as well. For instance there is: Water Sports Horseback Riding Hiking Ellijay GA is located within Gilmer County GA. For those familiar with the area then know that this county is the “Apple Capital of Georgia”. Each year in October the city of Ellijay hosts the annual Georgia Apple Festival which takes place in October. Our manager at Ellijay Storage has said, ” They make so many different things from the apples. I never know what to try next.”Our Ellijay GA community is one of the states top visited cities year in and year out. Ellijay Storage is ...

August 7th, 2019


Self Storage

Have you ever been curious how some extra space could go a long way for you? Ellijay Storage has 10 reasons how our Ellijay GA affordable storage opportunities can aid you no matter your situation. Having the knowledge of when storage is most beneficial to you can really go a long way. Especially for the time you need extra storage space in a potentially hectic time. Check out our 10 reasons below to see when and how storing at Ellijay Storage can guide you to finding the space you need. YOU MAY NEED STORAGE IF… Selling your home and moving (out of state or in-state). Renovating your home (i.e: bedroom, family room, den, garage, etc.) Downsizing yours or a family members home. Storing hobby or sport equipment. Storing seasonal items and decorations. Children returning from college for the summer. Recent change in your relationship status. Starting a online business. Storing extra work equipment and inventory. Traveling for work. VALUABLE FEATURES Options in relation to self storage are basically endless. That is why we at Ellijay Storage administer storage features that our customers want and also benefit from. Having convenient online bill paying allows you to not have to worry about making it in the office during the allotted times. Also with Ellijay storage we have four locations (annexes) to better help serve our Ellijay GA customers.Ellijay Storage is set on striving to continue to be more that just your storage provider in Ellijay GA. Our facility is safe and secure and able to be used for storing your belongings, whether you are moving into a new home all the way to just needing extra storage space for items that do not always have the room needed at your residency. Come check out our broad selection of neighborhood companions, moving and storage supplies, storage tips and Ellijay GA affordable storage all at Ellijay Storage.If you potentially are moving in the upcoming future or want some extra storage space for your personal belongings, get in contact with our storage professionals at Ellijay Storage. Our storage ...

July 15th, 2019


Self Storage

Preparing for your moving day? You already bought all your moving supplies and packing is underway, but who is going to be the ones helping you on moving day? Yes, friends and family are obviously great help, but now is the time to see if professionals are the right choice. Ellijay Storage has the must ask questions for any Ellijay GA moving company you are planning to hire. Deciding on getting professional movers can reduce some stress of moving. Similar to how storage does for our customers.This month Ellijay Storage has all the moving tips and question you will want to ask your desired moving companies. Check out a Ellijay GA moving company on our neighborhood friends board. Ellijay Storage has a secure storage unit close to home so you can continue to be on track when space is tight during moving. With steady neighborhood friends and self storage experts at Ellijay Storage you will be on the right path for moving day. QUESTIONS TO ASK MOVING COMPANIES Who can I contact on moving day if I have questions? What is your cancellation policy? Are there additional charges for evenings/weekends? How you protect my belongings How do train your staff? Find more information for selecting a moving company and potential questions you may want to ask here.The journey to finding the right moving company for your upcoming move does not have to be strenuous anymore. Ellijay Storage neighborhood friends board is full of Ellijay GA businesses that will be great service to you when moving. Marshall Garrett Moving Services who are loyal movers are just one connection made within the area.Marshall Garrett Moving Services are specialist ready to assist during your big day. Neighboring Blue Ridge GA, Blairsville GA, Dawsonville GA, Canton GA, or Chatsworth GA? Then Marshall Garrett Moving Services is the nearby choice for people moving to the Ellijay GA area. Explore additional Ellijay GA moving services and local places of interest on our website.Can storage near Ellijay GA benefit you? Ellijay Storage knows the ...

June 21st, 2019


Self Storage

Make moving easy with Ellijay Storage! Summer moves, especially long distance moves, can be overwhelming. With the right tips, tools, and space, you can move like a pro. This month Ellijay Storage is preparing for big moves out of state with a cross country checklist.How can storing in Ellijay GA help while moving? Storage in Ellijay GA makes it easy to find a place to store a few boxes while you stage and get organized for an upcoming move. Check out how we are getting you ready for long distance moves with this checklist. A MONTH BEFORE Get quotes from moving companies and storage facilities. We keep our storage prices competitive with the rest of the market. Research the neighborhood or state you are moving to. Schools for the kids, and a few restaurants or businesses will help you feel right at home. If moving near our Ellijay GA neighborhood, check out our neighborhood friends board for businesses we trust! MOVING AND STORAGE TIPS Find packing supplies in our office! We have more than just storage units for sale, we have boxes, tape, storage locks, and more! Notify doctors, dentists, employers, schools, etc of your move. Here is a full list to help you remember everyone. Forward your mail online or fill out the packet from the post office. If you are moving to the area for work or taking on a new beginning with your family, stop by Ellijay Storage for space saving tips. You can rent your next storage unit online, pay your bill, and research which storage unit is best for you, all online! ...

May 24th, 2019

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