March 21, 2019

Used Items For Sale? Tips For Selling Online

If you have gear you want to sell online, how can storage help? Ellijay Storage has a storage unit to help you store used items for sale. With our extra space you can enjoy an organized home while making a little extra income. Ellijay Storage offers drive up self storage and temperature controlled storage so you choose what storage unit is right for you. Need help deciding? We have storage experts at our office on 1325 Orchard Road and online resources to answer some of your frequently asked questions about storage.


  1. Selling furniture? Take a picture of each side and add a detailed description for each one.
  2. If your small business is starting an online store, be professional with all your customers. Reviews are asked for both buyers and sellers, so your reputation online matters.
  3. Name brand items sell faster with an accompanied picture of tags. Look for tags on the inside of a purse, or the tongue of shoes.
  4. A few scratches or parts needing replaced, does not stop customers from buying. Just be honest about the wear and tear.


  1. Gaming systems
  2. DVDs / CDs
  3. Clothing
  4. Wedding Decor

Choose a website suitable for items for sale. Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, eBay all have a variety of categories but just posting on one site limits your viewers, so post on multiple. In between spring cleaning and your next sale online, use Ellijay Storage to keep all your gear safe. Also, use our storage during your move or home improvement project. Talk with experts or rent online today!