August 8, 2017

Can You Benefit From Business Storage

Soon the seasons will start to change and that means it’s time to bring in any seasonal gear and prepare for the busier months, is your business ready? Whether seasonal gear means patio furniture or extra inventory for your store, Ellijay Storage offers the space to help. Find indoor storage options, moving tools, and the secure self storage to help.What would you use our extra space for? We have the office organization tips to make your space efficient and ready for the busy time of year. There are so many local businesses in the area using storage, here are a few industries and how they can benefit from business storage.

  • Hospitals have records and large machines that may not be best left at the hospital. For local doctors and physicians we suggest moving paperwork somewhere protected 24/7 and temperature controlled like Ellijay Storage.
  • Retail stores are starting to gear up for the holidays. With all the excess inventory coming in, it is more important then ever for the store front to stay organized. Restock as needed with a storage unit close by.
  • Contractors have a tool for every job. When the work van is full and the garage doesn’t have enough wall space, a storage unit can act as a second location.
  • Maybe your business needs extra space or it’s time to organize the supplies, with Ellijay Storage you are covered. Stop by for a tour around the facility and see which size storage unit works for you.