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February 26, 2020

5 Genius Organization Hacks for Garage

Are you looking for creative ways to organize your garage and be ready for the spring weather? Ellijay Storage has found five genius organization hacks for your garage which will make your spring cleaning less stressful. Make the most of your storage space with these five brilliant hacks.

Garage Organization Ideas

  1. Start with Cleaning, arranging, and labeling all of your personal belongings. Grab some garbage bags and divide items between what needs to be saved, donated or thrown away. Once the area has been cleared up, make a plan for your garage organization ideas.
  2. Maximizing wall space is crucial to the organization of your garage. It’s going to help you save precious floor space. Pegboards are designed to be strong enough to support most household tools and offer a way to store them vertically.
  3. It is nice to have the rakes and shovels anchored on the wall and off-track to store long garden equipment in the garage. Install PVC pipes to your shed wall and put all your garden long-handled tools in those pipes.
  4. If you have an attached garage and no mudroom inside, create one on the wall next to the main entryway. A mudroom is a perfect place to hang all your jackets and muddy shoes and will keep your house neat.
  5. The foundation of every organized garage is a good storage system. It involves some type of shelving unit. You can install cabinets that are already built or purchase old school lockers for cheap from eBay. Assign each cabinet or locker to each family member.

Storing in Ellijay GA

Talk to our experts at Ellijay Storage about more organization and storing hacks for your garage. If you need extra space for storage, we have five locations in Ellijay, GA to better serve your storage needs. In addition, we have a variety of temperature-controlled units ranging from 5×5 to 10×20. So, that you can conveniently store anything from yard tool to big furniture.

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