April 17, 2019

Summer Storage Tips For Students

Moving out of the dorm room, mean packing all your gear up, but where do you store it? Summer break is coming fast and Ellijay Storage can help you prepare with our Ellijay GA summer storage. Our storage units are both large and small, so you can choose to store with a friend or store by yourself. Choosing a short term storage unit in Ellijay GA may just be the solution to your summer break. Ellijay Storage may be close to campus or close to home, either way moving your school supplies somewhere safe will make the fall semester that much more relaxing.


  1. Plan to move the mini fridge a few days before you need to be out of the dorm. Take any leftover food out and leave it unplugged with a towel underneath the open door.
  2. Friends or roommates are great to store with! Just remember to use labels and communicate with everyone when it is time to move out.
  3. Use our easy pay option to set up your online account and pay your bills with this optional automatic paying option. You can even pay for the whole summer storage up front.
  4. Selling your textbooks back to the campus store or to another student may be the best option. You can save space at the storage unit and replenish what you paid at the start of the year.
  5. Let us know when you need storage. We can reserve your storage unit when you need it and check this off your list.

For more easy to follow packing tips, check out the latest from BuzzFeed. These tips will be helpful if you are packing up your dorm room or moving to a new house. Ellijay Storage is ready to help you store your belongings this summer. Whether it is your dorm room items or seasonal items you need out of the house, we have a secure storage unit to assist. Choose your storage option online and use our online tools to help organize your storage unit.