October 24, 2018

Moving Supplies Benefits

Ellijay Storage has a drive up storage unit to park the car, store your extra clothes, and business documents. Are you aware we also have moving supplies for purchase, which makes our storage office on 1325 Orchard Road an easy location to find what you need? After our experts walk you through the rental process and which storage unit makes the most sense for your situation, pick up a few tools to help ease items into storage. When storing for the first time it can be tough knowing what goes into storage and how to protect your items, but with our Ellijay Storage team on your side you have all the support you need.


Now that your storage unit is reserved and you are starting to pack your gear, do not forget about the lock. This important key to security helps ensure the safety of your storage unit. A lock that shows very little of the locking mechanism deters prying eyes. Rest assured your items will be safe with our handy locks and other moving supplies.Find boxes, tape, and more to ease your packing needs. Storing the whole house during the latest move, or reorganizing the business comes with all lot of items to pack away. Our extra space provides a safe place to store and our tools keep you on track with your move.


Not only are our moving supplies most convenient for customers, we are giving back this month. October is the month for breast cancer awareness and Ellijay Storage will donate to the Susan G Komen foundation. This organization works hard to provide more effective treatments and better tools for diagnosing these issues early. Early detection is the key to a speedy recovery and we want to be apart of the fight for a cure.