May 1, 2018

The Top Ellijay GA Events for the Summer

What Ellijay GA events will be the highlight of your summer? Ellijay Storage is located in Gilmer County, and prepared to make the warm days of summer exciting. Our little stop on the map is located between New Hope, GA and Talking Rock, GA, right on the boarder of the Chattahoochee National Forest. With these local treasures nearby there is always something going on. After the new house is settled and you want to start exploring, start with these Ellijay GA events. Take your mind off packing for just a moment and enjoy our neighborhood while getting to know the businesses and members.


Even though summer has not officially begun there is no time like the present to enjoy the warm weather. May 5th and 6th start the Apple Blossom Festival. This annual North Georgia event brings excitement to East Ellijay. There is no charge to enter the festival and plenty of games and food.Taste of Ellijay is hosted by the Gilmer Chamber of Commerce and highlighting the areas best restaurants! Downtown Ellijay GA is the place to be on May 24. Once Main Street closes down the fun begins. Get food samples for $1-$3.During those hazy days of summer there is nothing like a nice relaxing game of golf to chill you out. Come Play Golf in Ellijay is June 1st from 8 am till 3pm. The money raised from this event will be used to host more exciting events for the rest of this hot time of year.Need summer storage? Before you stress about where to put the RV or boat, Ellijay Storage can help. All four of our locations have plenty of room to store all your belongings. So, host that backyard celebration and swap out your clothes with room in the closet for this year’s latest fashion trends.