March 7, 2018

Packing For Storage Before You Arrive

Does your spring involve cleaning the house and yard? Ellijay Storage provides an array of storage units and storage packing tips so you can store with ease. If this season’s plans included selling and buying a home, these suggestions will be important when moving day gets closer. Getting ready for a move to storage is just as important as the sale itself, since you want your gear to be safe. Follow these steps to pack like a pro, store like an expert, and relax like the kids on summer vacation.Whether it is home improvement projects or the house is getting a good cleaning after winter, self storage units in Ellijay GA, make the transition to spring that much easier!

  • Our office has top of the line supplies for packing. Find boxes, tape and even locks for your unit. If you need help, simply ask our store manager for advice.
  • It may be tempting to load up your biggest box with all your items, but this will make the cardboard less sturdy and harder to lift.
  • While packing your glass items wrap newsprint around each one to prevent any clanking and possible breaks.
  • Go through the house tidying up a little. Put things back where they go so packing is easier now that everything is together.
  • Fill your fragile boxes to the top with blankets or padding so nothing moves along the way.
  • Use your marker to write what is inside each box. If one day you want to reuse the box, tape a list to the outside.
  • Apply bumpers on the corner of frames so there is space in between works of art and the glass or painting does not get harmed.
  • Bubble wrap is nice to use for your antique china set. Keep things snug in the box to avoid shifting.
  • If the furniture can be broken down into small pieces, do so. The objective is to save space!

Let our storage packing tips be a solution to your seasonal storing questions.