February 15, 2018

Selling, Staging, Storing, All You Need To Know

How can you stage a home on a budget? Ellijay Storage has fast and easy tips for fixing up a home before it goes on the market. Self storage is not just for seasonal items. Find the extra space you need to really impress those looking at your house. With the professionals at Ellijay Storage you can be sure your belongings are safe which is one less thing to worry about during this hectic time.


You have grown accustom to where everything is in your home, but you may want to move a few items to storage. If the bookshelf is full of new reads, consider packing them early and adding just a few books to the shelves. Less is always better, so the people entering can try to imagine what it would look like if they lived here. Wall space is most important when looking at a new space. Hold on to the family photos and protect them with a space all their own. Our short term storage options make it convenient when you only need it for a little while.


Not everything needs to be discarded or moved to storage. There are plenty of decorations you can use that you already own. Blankets create a homey atmosphere and artwork is an easy way to add color. Pull out your best set of towels when you know a showing is happening, that way everything is similar. If you do not have a set that matches, find some that are close to the decor in your bathroom.Start packing early with these ideas. You can make room, rearrange your floor plan, while all focusing on the best parts of your house with Ellijay Storage. Whether you need to store the whole house or a couple items, our self storage is waiting for you here.