January 15, 2018

Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Supplies

Are you headed out to the next game for a tailgating party? Having a cookout is all part of the sporting experience. At Ellijay Storage we know you want a safe place for your belongings. Seasonal storage at either of our three locations will keep your grill, lawn chairs, and utensils ready for the next game. Keep these tips in mind when putting your valuables back into storage.


Cleaning is the first task to accomplish after the cookout is over. Pack up the leftovers and grab the dish rag and soap. The grill is a must clean item. As much as your guests liked the secret family burger recipe so will rodents. We aim to keep our units rodent free and one way you can help is by getting rid of all the food smells and crumbs.


That canopy sure is nice when the sun is beating down or the rain tries to dampen your spirit. You should look after the top and frame of the canopy. Look for any tears in the fabric and patch them right away. Leaving a small hole unattended will be a bigger issue later on. The frame should also be inspected for scratches. If the paint is removed on any spot of the frame rust can form.


It is fun to get a quick game of touch football or toss the ball back and forth before the game. To make sure you do not forget anything for the feast or the games before hand, place all the utensils in a large plastic bin and the toys in a flexible laundry bag. These are quick items to grab to ensure a successful pregame event.Ellijay Storage is here to help you move your belongings into a secure self storage unit. Find the seasonal storage that you need here!