December 1, 2017

Ellijay GA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

Our Ellijay GA storage solutions will make a holiday season fun and exciting. With a little extra room around the house you can host the feast or just kick up your feet and relax.Along with our storing tips we also want to help our neighbors have a great Christmas. We can achieve this with your help! By donating supplies for a family or child in need you can brighten their season and warm your heart. The Gilmer County Department of Family & Children Services has been assisting families for years and will continue to with our help. Gilmer County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) helps when times get hard. Especially now when there is pressure to provide gifts for your kids, it can be stressful. The DFCS office has experts who can help families get the groceries, home supplies, and healthcare they need. During the holidays they want to go above and beyond and give parents gifts for their kids as well. They have challenged businesses to promote this fundraiser in hopes of providing Christmas for the youngsters.With programs like Secret Santa and Blueprint for Change, Georgia is a better state. Secret Santa calls on businesses and community members to become a Santa for a child in Foster care. These kids have experienced traumatic events at such a young age and it can be tough to be a kid. With a toy they feel love and kindness at time that is most difficult. There are over 9,000 kids in need and the Department of Family and Children Services is on a mission to help them.Another program they run is their long term plan for Georgia, called the Blueprint for Change. Through steps and guidance this plan helps the DFCS stay on track with their mission. If they stay strong, they will be able to help more families become independent.We appreciate all the generous gifts we received to help the Gilmer County Department of Family and Children Services.