April 6, 2017

Packing Supplies

Moving involves a lot of planning, do you need help getting started? Ellijay Storage is your one stop shop in Ellijay GA for all storage supplies. The checklist below will guide you through the start of your moving plans, step one, making your shopping list.


  • Add bubble wrap, kraft paper or newsprint to you list. Protect your belongings while in transit to their new location.
  • The largest rolls of tape will keep the process moving along for 8-12 boxes.
  • There is a cover for all the large items. It is best to purchase one for each of your larger items.
  • Small boxes store cd’s, books, and all your small household items. Medium boxes are popular for clothes and small appliances.
  • A dish protection kit includes 3 different sizes of bubble pouches for added protection and enough packaging for 8 place settings.
  • Disk Locks are the most common lock in self storage. The stainless-steel body and water drainage holes make this lock the best.
  • The Damp rid odor genie last 90 days and is a great investment for keeping the smells to a minimum.
  • To keep all your belongings safe and secure during your move use packing paper or stretch wrap.
  • While you are packing, make sure to label each box. If you are moving to a new house label where it belongs in, or if you are moving into a storage unit mark whether the box needs to be in the front or the back of the unit.
  • Moving kits take the guess work out of all the supplies. Talk with your property manager about the specifics.

If you need help planning your move our experts can help. We are your storage professionals for Ellijay GA! Stop in to take a tour, get advice, and pick up your storage supplies today!